Simply Follow these steps :

Step 1:


Open the web page you want to change the content.

Step 2:

Right click on the page and select ” Inspect Elements” or simply “Inspect”.

Step 3:

Picture of Editing the webpage


motorola pictures 119.jpg motorola pictures 120.jpg

Again right click on the new portion opened and select “Edit as HTML”.

Step 4 :


Press ctrl+f on your keyboard and search the part you want to change.

Step 5:

Replace the words by your own words and close the new portion.

Alternative of step 3:

Move the cursor to the place you want to change and right click and Click “Inspect”.

Now double click on the character you want to change from the page and write your own words.



Now compare both the pages and see the temporary changes.

Note: All this steps done change the content of the page locally and it is not changed if you refresh the page or open the page again. This is just a trick to change the contents and you can easily fool your friends. So have fun.




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